Consultation helps individuals and organizations become more efficient and effective. Here at In Session Counseling & Consulting, LLC, we seek to rectify problems that plague businesses and organizations, such that they run more smoothly and employees are more satisfied with their jobs. In this capacity, we devise interventions for businesses and organizations based upon what has been successful for other clients in comparable circumstances.

We implement and utilize skills-sets of listening, using empathy, understanding and formulating problems, developing solutions and the like,  to listen to businesses and organizations without bias to help people or organizations find their way back to optimal functioning.

The skills of active listening, being able to develop detailed and authentic understanding of problems and challenges and being able to formulate and problem solve, being able to lay out treatment plans; then being able to follow up and measure them for clinically significant improvement.  We operate from the perspective that if you can’t measure something that for all intents and purposes it doesn’t exist, so in order to say something is getting better you have to measure it, and demonstrate it in a quantitative way; much the same way that is used in psychotherapy for our clients.

conference-teamHere at In Session Counseling & Consulting, LLC, we work with corporations, schools, non-profit and community organizations on a variety of issues from team building and staff training to identifying appropriate programming for your target audience and managers and executives to improve their managerial style in improving his/her communication style to be more responsive, respectful, and helpful to his/her employees.

If you are interested in improving the dynamics within your business and increasing productivity, contact us to get your business on the right track!