“We’re more like roommates than husband and wife”

“Our problem is that we can’t communicate”

“Our sex life is almost nonexistent”

“I don’t want to stay in the relationship as it is and it seems like divorce is the only option left”

Sound familiar?

If you’re struggling with these and other issues in your relationship, know that it can change. You can be happy together again. At In Session Counseling & Consulting, LLC, we can help you communicate better, trust more and argue less.

“I found out my spouse is having an affair! I don’t know if our marriage can survive. I’m not sure I even want it to”

This may not be the time to make a decision about staying or leaving, but it is the time to get help.

It’s natural to Need Help

Couples therapy can help explore each partner’s triggers, increase your understanding of each other, and improve communication. By focusing on problem-solving and managing conflict, you can start turning toward each other, create trust, and reestablish a commitment to the relationship.

Couples therapy can assist you with the issues many couples face:

Communication – You don’t feel heard by your spouse and just want it to be easier to talk to each other.

Conflict – You argue about the same things over and over again and wish this would end.

Mistrust – There’s been an affair or infidelity of some kind and you’re overwhelmed and lost. You wonder if your marriage can survive; if you can ever forgive and trust again.

Intimacy – You’ve stopped dating and wonder what happened to the passion you felt when you first got together. You’d like to sleep in the same bedroom and enjoy being a couple again.

Why Choose In Session Counseling & Consulting, LLC?

We know from the research, that therapy works. At In Session Counseling & Consulting, LLC, our mission is to make sure we provide the most effective treatment possible.

Our Results

Our statistics show that treatment with us can be nearly ten times more effective than no treatment at all, and more than twice as effective as average therapy. While therapy is not effective 100% of the time, we are committed to helping you get relief from the frustrations and upsets that all relationships can experience.

How do you get started?

Contact us to answer your questions, determine if couples therapy is right for you, and to help you set an appointment.

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